Monday, April 1, 2013

The Hot Vinyasa Yoga kicked my butt week

March 25- March 31

Monday - run 4 easy. total = 4 miles

Tuesday - the usual spin. total = 55 minutes

Wednesday - Hot yoga day. This kicked my butt. It was long class, with awesome music, and an awesome instructor, with a great breakout flow. total = 1 hour 15 min 

Thursday - a run with a friend by the stadium, followed by a hard extra mile tacked on the end. total = 3.56 miles

Friday - OFF

Saturday - OFF

Sunday - a long run post a shortened sunday workday. Yes! For once I get a Sunday Runday!
The sun was shining, I ran in shorts and a t-shirt and definitely needed a hat. The downhill start was killer on my calves, but it was a great run overall. A great 9 in the books. Total = 9 miles

March Recap

Total Miles: 65.22
Total spin classes attended: 4 classes
Longest Run: 9 miles