Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I love Thursday - 2/17

Hey hey, look at that its Thursday and I have a hot minute to blog about what I love this week.

Life has been revolving around

a. midterms, for both me, and the undergraduate students in Toxicology, the course I am the graduate student instructor for.  You'd be surprised how much prep goes into writing and preparing an exam for a group of 60 students to take.  Their exam is going on right now, I have another exam in a week, and a paper due on tuesday.  Fun stuff.

b. Spring break prep!  although it is not nearly spring, The semester break at Michigan occurs next week and I am headed on a Bahamas cruise for 4 days.  very excited for sun and relaxation!

Anyway, here's what I'm loving:

clarisonic mia 
i snagged this baby from for 20% off and i am in love.  while i have yet to see results (they say a sin cycle is 20 days, and im only on day 8 with the clarisonic), it has made me notskip a single face-washing.  so thats definitely a great start.

mott's fruit snacks
so ignore the crappy picture that someone from amazon took of the costco box that they are reselling, but these babies rock.  i dont feel bad eating them because they're made from a bunch of fruit and vegetable juices and taste great.  

lululemon slipless headband
i'll be honest, i have yet to use this in a workout situation but just from lounging around the house, its perfect.  stays in place and doesnt budge

30 rock s4 on netflix instant play
i always forget how FUNNY this show is.  its my go to for background while eating dinner, or other similarly mindless tasks.  liz lemon, you are my hero.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I Love Breakfast

oh hello blog, nice to see you again.

I have a bit of time as I gather enough strength to stand in the shower for ten minutes.  I just got back from the great ass-kicking yoga session at the Lululemon Ann Arbor Showroom.

So now I'm just enjoying my barney smoothie and some applesauce.

What's a barney smoothie? So glad you asked!

This baby is just a combo of the following ingredients:

baby spinach, almond milk, blueberries

so green + purple = barney.
I always want to wear green and purple clothes together, but I'm always reminded that I will just look like barney.

so things have been busy. i think january is always a breeze and then february is just NEVER ENDING TO DO LIST. thankfully i have a bahamas cruise to look forward to at the end of the month ;)

for the past week, however, I have been making AWESOME breakfasts. lots of variety, lots of healthy delicious-ness. good stuff, all around.

I love breakfast - just like the adorable little girl in knocked up

but breakfast is one of those meals that can be hard to squeeze in. luckily everything i eat is easy. and i don't have class until 11:30 every day, so I'm allowed to have lazy mornings.

Regardless, here's what I've been eating.

trader joe's british muffins - whole wheat cinnamon raisin

trader joe's has probably had these forever, but i just discovered them last time i was there.
i LOVE cinnamon raisin english muffins, but am always bummed that there's not a whole wheat version.  boy was i wrong.  these are perfect toasted with a pat of earth balance spread.  also not sure who desraeli and gladstone are, but i kind of love them.

trader joe's oats&flax + org blueberries
This was the sample at trader joe's the other day.  I had already picked up the organic blueberries because organic fruits are so hard to find in the winter.  and then i tried the sample of the oats + blueberries and fell in love.  such a simple delicious breakfast.

trader joe's multigrain waffles + dark chocolate dreams
Multigrain waffles with dark chocolate dreams.  LOVE.  also delish with bananas, but i didn't have any on this day :(

Obviously, trader joe's rocks for breakfast foods.
And seriously, none of these take longer than 5 minutes to make.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - 2/3

This has been the laziest week of my life.  Thanks to the tuesday night "blizzard" and the lack of anything of significance being due this week, I have done very very little.

I have gone to the gym consistently though!  that's good?  

and i finished "something blue" by emily giffen -- bringing my 2011 book total to..... two.  Woooo!

Surprisingly, despite my doing very little I do have quite a bit to blog about, but no motivation to type.  

So we'll start it out easy with the things I love:

evol burritos
i have always been a fan of the convenience of frozen burritos, but i can't say i've ever loved them.  i love evol the burritos (which shouldn't be surprising since their name is love backwards!)
my favorite type is the regular old beans rice and cheese.  i'm a simple girl, what can i say.
plus they're a company with "whole food" morals, which i can always get behind.

and they have an awesome website!  

An (essentially) empty email inbox
Do you see that?!  1 unread message in my gmail!?  i dont think that has ever happened before!  and to be fair, the one unread message is a myspace deactivation link as a reminder than i need to save the pictures on there and then DELETE DELETE.  because when you search 'lauren alysse michigan' that's what comes up.  not good for potential employer/googlers!
regardless, the empty inbox is so freeing.  I LOVE IT.

Cancelled Class

although UofM does not have snow days, my Professor decided to cancel class on wednesday anyway!  so that meant i did not have to give a presentation that i was definitely not prepared for.  110% YAY.  And luckily class was cancelled about 2 hours after it started snowing, and before it was realized that we weren't going to get nearly as much snow as predicted.

Glee-inspired Nails

So the Glee Sephora by OPI collection made its way onto my nails this week.  I painted on Sunday night as well as Tuesday night during the snow storm and I'm so in love.

This is "I'm a Gleek"

and this is "Sue Vs. Shue"

Pom Cranberry Juice
i've been searching and searching since before 2011, and i FINALLY FOUND IT.
soooo delish.  my two favorite superfruits.