Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Getting things done

This past weekend was the weekend of getting ish done.

I had a to-do list on Saturday and I pretty much killed it.

I cleaned my room -- this is not that exciting, but still slightly exciting. Clean sheets, cleared desk, clothes in drawers. good things.

I blew up my exercise ball that had lost a good third of its air in the past 6 or so months. Mostly so I can more successfully do this fitnessista workout video.

I glued together a clay bowl I made and then proceeded to break. I then did the whole dip in nail polish shebang using this tutorial and now it looks like this:

so very happy with how it turned out. It will hold my rings and be perfect and adorable.

I fixed my straightener using this tutorial. The plate wasn't completely off (you can see in the first two photos), but it was definitely not completely attached. So i bought my J.B. Weld, stole a stirrer from a local coffee shop, and made it happen.

I bought a new drying rack since my 8-year-old one bit the dust recently. Yay properly dried workout gear!

also bought the necessary martha stewart paint to polka dot my tights, but haven't yet done that. will update when I do.

All fueled by this dark chocolate mocha from glassbox coffee, my new favorite local coffee place.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursday - 2/20

I am currently playing the "stalk google maps until it tells me that there's not heavy traffic on my drive that should take 35 minutes but is currently projected to take me an hour." oh polar vortex, you havoc-wreaking little minx.

it does give opportunities for photos like this though:
silly little dog barking at the thundersnow.
and this:

snowflakes were really that big

so I guess I love thundersnow! thunderstorms, always a favorite. snow? pretty much always a favorite (except when it extends drives like today). it is pretty darn pretty, right?

restaurant bathroom selfie
My v-day dinner outfit. pretty proud of myself for the pink without being sickening.

new to me gu!
branching out in the "flavors of gu i tolerate" and trying chocolate and caramel. hopefully i will not regret this. Also why isn't there a butterscotch gu? butterscotch pudding is the bomb dot com.

hedgehog dryer balls
I've always been a fan of dryer balls -- I like to think that they help fluff your clothes, and increase drying speed. these are just adorable, and thus i couldnt pass them up.

chocolate and strawberry macaron
and finally free macarons, accompanied by a free pedicure at vis-a-vis salon. doesn't get much better than that.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Things I've made Lately

Last semester of law school scores really awesome on the "having time to do things" scale. Most of my free time has been spent a. running; and b. cooking.

A few things I've been whipping up in the kitchen:

so sugary and awesome

They are amazing. this is my second time making these (first was for a patient's birthday at work), and seriously so good, so easy, only uses up a stick of butter, so awesome! thanks again megan!

and to counteract the cupcakes

yes one of them is almost heart shaped

these are seriously great. not too sweet, not too bland. don't taste detox-y at all. really just fantastic. I don't think I put enough orange zest in them, so they weren't super orange-y. next time I might try them with lemon because lemon blueberry is only the best combination ever.

photo cred: tracy, until I take my own. 
shutterbean's super spinach salad

love this salad from TJ's. Love it even more when I make it at home. the dressing is seriously phenomenal too -- and so easy to make! so very much like the carrot ginger dressing at all my favorite sushi restaurants.

cream of celery soup

had a whole thing of unused celery in my fridge about to go bad. So what do I do? Make soup of course! This soup is fantastic - especially with the bacon crumbled on top. yum.

using up that wilted kale

 and finally for breakfast this morning -- a powergreens breakfast skillet. i definitely overcooked the eggs, but I still ate it and enjoyed it, and now I know for next time! heads up for anyone making it though - your eggs need less time under the broiler than you think. 

Have you made anything super delicious lately?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Things I Love Thursday - Winter Running and Then Some

warm toes

Smartwool's Hiking Socks
these are the best to wear over my running socks to keep my feet warm -- I previously used toe warmers on my long runs, which I still love, but I feel like they're a little wasteful. These guys are really great, and not disposable!

North Face Puffy Vest
This vest gets worn on all my runs. Not too heavy to make me overheat, but great for keeping the core warm without a bulky sweatshirt. And POCKETS

white bed linens
Pleated White Sheets
love love love getting under these crisp white covers

i am a child
the morning routine. featuring gummies. because i am a child.

i love dill
Dill Pickle Lip Balm
I love love love dill. My grandma used to grow it in her back yard and I would go out and smell it all.the.time. so when i saw that there was a lip balm flavored like my favorite herb, i had to have it. clearly, I'm in love. not only does it smell just like dill, but it is also quite moisturizing. even after/during long winter runs
(bought this at my favorite Rock Paper Scissors, but also available on esty here)

so soft!

teaching myself how to make things with yarn
I've been trying to crochet and knit for YEARS. but i finally bought thick and quick yarn, which i think will make making everything easier, and i'm going to try and make two things within the next month. a regular scarf using this knitting tutorial, and an infinity scarf using this crochet pattern. wish me luck!