Monday, March 4, 2013

Juice Cleanse

Reading Leslie's posts about her juice cleanse and some good timing prompted me to try the juice cleanse route.

Babo Market here in Ann Arbor offered a 3-day cleanse for $90, and I thought this wasn't the most unreasonable price and it's spring break, and I was in for a detox.

food for the next 3 days

So I'm finishing up my last juice of the day and wanted to give an update.

I woke up a little hungover and a little dehydrated thanks to a late night at karaoke, and started the cleanse a little late, with my first juice around 11AM. 

All the juices were great. It includes 4 juices, a wheatgrass shot, and a cayenne green tea.

lunch - beet, carrot, sweet potato, tumeric, coconut water

I drank water and green tea through most of the day as additional hydration.

I felt a little off all day - a little lightheaded, a little nauseous, but not super hungry all day. so that was good.

I went for a super easy run that felt okay as I was going, but I was so tired after.

I think all of this is to be expected for day one, but hopefully my energy will pick up for day 2 and 3 as I have lots on the agenda.

So we'll see! More updates to come!

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