Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fitness Classes Queen

I am like the queen of fitness classes as a running supplement.

I went to hot yoga this week for the first time probably since the summer when i had my unlimited month of yoga in DC.

The fanciest bathroom. pre-sweat sess

I totally forgot how much you sweat.

I was planning on taking before/after pictures, but my hair/face/etc. was just so sweaty and disgusting that I realized that could not be shared with the internet.

I also totally forgot how much i love  the mental aspect. the focus on the breath, the pay attention to the movements even when we sit still (the beat in your heart, the blood flowing through your veins, endocrine releases, neurons firing), the total relaxation and satisfaction of shavasana.

Last week I finished up a 10-day new student trial at my local Pure Barre.

It's definitely not running in terms of cardio burn, but it definitely works my arms/abs/legs in ways that running definitely does not.

The studio has a ton of class offerings. with a class limit of 18 people, you get a pretty hands-on class from the instructor who will make adjustments as necessary (and for me, the poor new girl, those are definitely necessary). I've had a different instructor every time, but all of them have been great thus far.

The class incorporates upbeat music, a warm up to get that heart rate up, an arms section, a legs section, and an abs section. It's all pretty fast paced, not a lot of time in between, except for stretching between each section.

suprisingly, my calves were sore- you think running would get rid of any possibility for calf soreness, but that is apparently false. Also my butt has been more sore than I thought possible. Gah.

And finally, the constant for the second year of law school - spinning

spin is pretty much the only kind of cardio I will do because its the only one that compares to running. Love the cardio burn, love pushing myself, love the seriousness of the cardio. Plus there's the fast-paced music that I love.

I spin at Vie and i LOVE it. Def. recc for those of you who would ever end up in Ann Arbor.

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