Thursday, March 7, 2013

Juice Cleanse Recap

So the last juice has been drank.


And I'm overall super glad that I did the cleanse!

As I mentioned in my previous post, It was a combo of good timing, a decent price, and Leslie's cleanse that made me make the commitment.

I purchased the kit through babo market, a local health food store curated by Sava Lelcaj, who also owns and awesome restaurant in Ann Arbor. It came with the following 6 drinks:

Wake up Elixer: green tea, agave, cayenne
      i was scared of this one at first, but it ended up being a great day starter. the cayenne just added its signature spicy-ness without a lot of flavor. I might keep these up!
Breakfast Smoothie: apple, celery, chia, spinach, avocado
     LOVED this one. super yummy -- the apple shined, and i love anything with chia.
Power Shot: wheatgrass, ginger, probiotic, agave
    this one was a struggle. I actually haven't even taken it from day 3 yet (whoops!). wheatgrass is just not very appetizing and the ginger and agave dont really help to get rid of the dirt/sludge taste/texture.
Lunch: carrot, sweet potato, beet, tumeric, coconut water
    this baby was featured on my instagram and previous post. It's just so gorgeous in color! and also delicious. sweet and refreshing.
Happy Hour: OJ, green bell pepper, kale, chard, parsley, tomato, ginger
    the ginger really shined in this one, but i LOVE that it included so many greens! also an enjoyable one.
Dinner: Strawberry, banana, almond butter, almond milk, hemp protein
   This was a smoothie in a bottle - quite similar to the smoothies I make at home. So i enjoyed it. sweet and filling -- a great dinner.

Positives: generally feeling well days 2 and 3, controlled hunger, commitment to a plan which meant I wasn't snacking, losing bloat (I really noticed this at spin on tuesday - no tummy bulge when spinning = yay!), finding out what kind of weight loss I need, and I think my sugar cravings have subsided a bit. YAY! was pleasantly surprised i had normal energy to run, spin, and yoga as planned.

Negatives: feeling crappy on day 1, price point is a little high for a poor law student, a little bit of scatterbrained-ness, but nothing unreasonable.

Total weight lost: 4 pounds! probably water weight but i'll take it.

With our law school formal coming up (space prom), and heavier half marathon training, I think this was a great idea for me, and I def. feel refreshed and energized.


first post cleanse meal:

the greenest omelet with a whole grain tortilla

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