Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Week of 3 runs in a row

Post-broken foot incident of 2011, I haven't really ran consecutive days at all.

That all changed last week when I ran three days a run.

We're the throughs of half-marathon training over here, and so when it was Thursday and I hadn't done a single one of my 3 runs for the week, it was time to get serious. So I ran on Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday.


My legs were sore, I struggled to breathe on Saturday. But I got in 13 miles. Which is not very much. But whatever. I still worked out 6 days/week. So I'm calling it good.

Monday - 7:45 AM Pure Barre. Post-st. paddys. This is an acomplishment. 55 minutes

Tuesday - The usual tuesday spin. hard and awesome. love it. 55 minutes

Wednesday - Another day of Pure Barre. 55 minutes

Thursday - Run 4 miles. snowy, snowy. but done!

Friday - Run 2-3 miles - garmin died. dont know how fancy this got, but we'll call it good.

Saturday - Run 7 miles. Aimed for 9. Oh well.

General notes on running lately:

  • all runs are full of mud and puddles. The ground is thawing, snow is melting, and everyone I want to run is full of mud. I'm surviving, but getting dirty in the process.
  • I just need some sunshine. although it is nice to still be almost light out when i do evening runs. Thanks daylight savings!
  • I forgot how much I love cliff shotblocks. It's pretty much my only incentive for long runs. Candy. oh yes. 

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