Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Foot Situation

So things have been a little rough over here lately.

Running has always been a release for me - its what has kept me sane over some difficult months. And a foot fracture immediately after an accomplishment like a half marathon, plus some recent things that have been a little difficult to deal with has left me feeling a little helpless.

I went to the orthopedic doctor last week on Wednesday (first appointment of the morning, 7AM. super fun). Things were initially looking pretty bad. Right before my doctor left the room to allow me to go get new x-rays, he mentioned "and maybe marathons are just not for you," and I swear my heart broke in half.

X-rays #2 were taken (after assurance that I was indeed not pregnant), and then I came back to the exam room and talked to the doctor further.

This is my X-ray:
very broken foot.

Lovely right? Not even a stress fracture.
It probably began as a stress fracture, but then I ran 13.1 miles and broke broke broke it. COOL.

Doctor man and I talked a little more - he asked how invested I was in running, and I pretty much said that I feel in love with it, and he reevaluated my situation. He assured me it was not likely my shoes - he had read Born to Run and was aware of all the shoe-hype, which was nice to hear. and I think it's pretty badass that he had read Born to Run.

So luckily, they don't cast or put you on crutches for fractures like this, and only recommend using hard soled shoes that don't bend. Which are suprisingly toms?

He told me that I could swim or bike - probably not elliptical because you push off with your forefoot. Unfortunately, at this point I can't really do yoga either. Just downward dog hurts my foot.

I go back for another x-ray in a month and we'll see how its healing and how I can proceed back into running.

It sucks. A LOT. I see all these runners, get my runner's world emails and magazines, read all your lovely blogs, and I am so jealous.

But I'm trying to keep my head up.

I'll keep you all updated about how it goes.


  1. Oh man, that blows :(.

    Sorry, chick :(

  2. Girl I can't believe you actually broke it! Don't worry though - just give it enough time to heal. You want to be able to run again, not push it when it's still hurt and ruin it forever!