Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stress Fracture x2

Good Morning Bloggies.

So after a whole afternoon spent at the doctors and imaging center, we have a diagnosis on my foot.

Stres fracture x2.

I haven't seen the x-rays yet, and I haven't really talked to my doctor about it (thanks to a really stupid situation with the imaging center- while I was still at the imaging center waiting on results, my doctor called my house and told my mom the results), but I'm heading to a specialist sometime next week.

Updates will come when I know more.

To put it lightly, I'm pretty devastated. I thought I was smart about training. I worked up gradually, I hit my long runs, scaled back on distance certain weeks. I eat well, my blood results from last week came back with perfectly in range calcium levels (although I need to chat with ms. nutrition bff about the significance of blood calcium levels), I'm definitely not starving myself, or eating super unhealthy.

It makes me doubt my love for my fivefingers so much as well, which is equally devastating.

At the same time, I know I didn't follow the training plan as closely as I should have. I didnt get in as many 5 milers as I was supposed to, I slacked on cross-training, and strength training was sporadic at best. If I was going to doing physical activity, I just wanted to run. Clearly that doesn't work out so well.

I'm not sure whether the half caused, contributed, or exasperated the stress fracture, but I guess I could just go with I ran 13.1 miles on a broken foot? Although that kind of makes me look like an idiot. I could tell the x-ray tech thought I was an idiot when I explained that I had some pain before the half, and that I ran it anyway.

ALSO, what is it about health care people thinking a marathon and half-marathon are the same thing? I've had to correct people tons of time. I guess it probably means little to them, but there is a HUGE difference. All my medical records I'm sure say 'after marathon.' Nope, haven't done one of those.

So I don't know how long this puts me out for. I guess we'll see on Monday.
Monday I should also get back my x-rays, which I of course will share with you all, because thats the beauty of the blogging community.

I just want to run so badly though. I see all these people running in this gorgeous weather, and I hear about great runs, and I am just so envious. One of my first questions for the specialist next week will be what can I do while I'm not running?

I have found one silver lining:

Pre-race I got to carb load, in the form of breads, pastas, and pizza.
Post-stress fracture I get to calcium load, in the form of ice cream, chocolate milk, cheese, and pizza.


  1. booo, that stinks! i'm sure you'll overcome it but it sucks that you found something you love that now has to go on hold.

  2. you poor thing!!! i don't care what the doctors think, sometimes it's hard as a runner to distinguish between injury pain vs. training pains. hope you bounce back and heal up! and i hate that about having to tell people repeatedly that you didn't run a marathon, lol - that happens to me all the time. it's all the same to non-runners.