Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Highlights

1) Date Night at Meat.

source: Lansing City Pulse

Joe and I went to Meat for dinner on Friday night. Meat is a barbeque restaurant in Old Town, Lansing. We had both heard great things, but also heard that it's small and can get crowded fast, so when I got off work early, it was a natural choice to get there at 5, hopefully before the dinner rush. When we go there, there was already a line, but we were quickly seated -- the perks of a party of 2!

We started with bacon chili fries, and then Joe ordered the 3 meat plate, and I went for the mac and cheese.

It was all fantastic. And their homemade bbq sauces were also great. overall, loved it, and would totally go back again.

2) Maizey's Half Birthday

Saturday was Maizey's half birthday. She had a vet visit in the morning that involved two pokes, but she took it like a champ, and we were home early enough in the day for me to prepare a pupcake. which she promptly devoured. nice work Maizey.

Also it snowed, big fat flakes Sunday morning. So of course Maizey and I went outside and played in it. And I captured this wonderful photo.

I wish I hadn't centered here, because it would be a much better "Where's Maizey?" photo if she wasn't in the middle. I think I will make an instagram series once the snow starts accumulating, and put Maizey in locations in the frame, other than right in the middle. Also, Maizey has her own instagram, in case you didn't know. @thedailymaizey. check it out.

3) Nike Training Club's Legs and Abs

Nike Fitness Club is an app for your phone that provides both strength training and cardio work outs. It goes step by step through each move, with videos to show you how to do it, and with cues for proper form. The only annoying thing is that if you want to wuss out (which I do, ALL THE TIME), you can't just skip a move -- you have to wait until the timer runs out.

Anyway, I did legs and abs on Saturday.

And now I want to do nothing. So sore, moving is so difficult. agh.

But at least it was a good work out?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

How to Use up a Whole Stalk of Brussels Sprouts

aka how to cook using only Jessica Merchant's recipes.

One of my favorite produce items to buy in the fall are brussels sprout stalks. It wasn't until a few years ago that I even knew brussels sprouts grew on stalks. But my favorite trader joe's informed me by carrying the stalks in store.

I now see brussels sprouts on the stalk at the farmer's market as well, which makes sense, since it saves the time they would have spent taking the sprouts off the stalk.

So, when I bought a stalk of brussels sprouts from the farmer's market, I went in search of recipes to use them up.

And of course, I first turned to how sweet eats.

And of course, Jessica had a bunch of really fantastic recipes for me.

I started with a brussels sprout hash, which included sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, bacon (duh), and onions. Like Jessica, I made this initially for dinner, and then for breakfast once I realized just how easy it was. 

I ate it with beer bread -- another one of jessica's recipes that was super easy to make.

That used up a good amount of the brussels stalk, but not all of it. The last of it would get used for macaroni and cheese. with bacon. in a skillet.

Yes, Jessica's skillet brussels sprout and bacon macaroni and cheese. This was to die for. So delicious and creamy and wonderful. I ate it for days and pnever got sick of it. so. freaking. good.

So that was what used up a whole stalk of brussels sprouts. but then I bought another. So we'll see what happens with that.