Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Grocery Shopping Event - Post #3

Yesterday, is where my crazy grocery shopping kicked in. Yesterday is why I'm doing the April Grocery Shopping Event.

For some reason I felt the need to empty out trader joe's.

I think I did a pretty good job:

shelled english peas - 2.99
medjool dates - 4.49
coconut water zico x2 - 2.98
fat free balsamic vinagrette - 1.99
chocolate chips - 2.29
organic zucchini - 2.99
goat cheese medallions - 3.79
sunflower seed nut butter - 3.99
fusilli pesto pasta - 1.99
farfalle four cheeses - 1.99
tea tree oil - 6.49
organic applesauce x2 - 4.58
black beans - .89
organic frozen strawberries - 1.99
coconut chocolate ice cream - 2.99
coconut strawberry ice cream - 2.99
whole grain tortillas - 2.49
sweet potatoes - 1.79
happy days bouquet - 3.99

vola trebbiano pinot grigio x3 - 7.47
wine bag - .99

TOTAL = 67.29

I don't think I've ever spent $67 at trader joe's before.


so freaking adorable

English peas. My mom and I were just talking about how lame it is that I didn't have peas. Now I do!  I'm excited for these!

my life is complete

I was recently introduced to the beauty of coconut milk ice cream at Jolly Pumpkin, an awesome local restaurant. I am 110% hooked. I busted into the chocolate last night and it is SO GOOD. Also, at 2.99 each, totally reasonably priced. thank you trader joe's for fulfilling my wish for TJ's brand coconut milk ice cream.

Hello vino. Quite excited about this $2.49 italian pinot grig. One of the ladies I work with recommended it and I am so excited for it. I love fruity wines. So naturally i bought 3 bottles.

And to perk up my windowsill, an adorable little bouquet. Love fresh flowers.

So yes, my trip was a little excessive, but so many purchases were replacements for things I actually ate all of! examples: zico, balsamic vinaigrette, chocolate chips (well actually i just melted half of these on the stove -- whoops! fyi, you shouldn't leave a bag of chocolate chips on the stove when you're cooking muffins in a crappy apartment oven), applesauce, sweet potatoes.

If I can reduce my shopping next week, I think April will turn out okay in terms of food shopping, but we'll see.

I've also done some excessive online regular shopping -- whoops. See target go international dresses on clearance and j.crew 30% off sale. btw, i love being an enabler.


  1. I've definitely spent that much and more at Trader Joe's, so don't feel bad ;)

  2. TJ's KILLS me. Everything is so good, and so fun, and so fresh, and so reasonably priced, I end up walking out of there with a jillion random yummy things that together really don't make dinner. Oops.

  3. i am freaking out. i had no clue TJ's sold bags of english peas. ENGLISH PEAS ARE MY FAVORITE THING EVERRRR. they are different from regular peas and SO GOOD. i will be getting these ASAP!

    i like soy milk ice cream so i imagine coconut ice cream is good too. also getting that!

    i have a $65 gift card from when i left my last job that i'll be using to buy groceries there in the next few weeks. my list is getting long!

  4. i'm definitely going to have to go to TJ's and check out the coconut milk ice cream. especially since the kroger ones are around $5-6!