Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tropical Smoothies + Michigan Awesome

I made some pretty impressive eats in the past 24 hours!

Trust me, when it comes to making meals, I am all about simplicity, and I don't have any problems straight up saying: "most of my meal involved me pouring things out of containers. no chopping, no peeling."

It did involve some boiling, and a tiny bit of sautéing.

This is the sauteing:

This is tj's frozen veggies mix + Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy

This combined with sweet and spicy tuna from a package:

and then wild rice cooked in chicken broth

Pretty delicious and pretty simple.

Breakfast this morning was equally simple. When Gabriela posted about a strawberry blonde smoothie yesterday, I knew I had to make it.

Super simple mix of: banana, strawberries, pineapple, coconut water, + vanilla

I was a little worried about my crappy blender handling all of this, but there was a generous amount of liquid thanks to the coconut water and all was well! (I added in the pineapples after, because there wasn't a ton of room at this point)

Blend blend blend

TADA! In my rockin' orla kiely for target tumbler.

I really really loved this smoothie. It was so tropical. I didn't put in as much pineapple because I wanted to actually eat some of the spears, so it was more strawberry-y than anything else. but still a very delicious start to my morning.

And for fun, the picture taking corner of my room. That window is seriously AWESOME. I take all my morning food pictures there. love morning light!

Yesterday's afternoon run was not my best, but I trudged through, and actually did it at a faster pace than my last five-miler. So wooo for that!

First mile? SO GOOD. and then downhill from there.

Not sure how many of my blog reader's are from Michigan (if you ARE let me know because I'd love to do a blogger meet up!! OR IF YOU KNOW ANY MICHIGAN BLOGGERS, link me to them so I can stalk them and encourage a meet-up!), but there's an awesome t-shirt company called (appropriately) Michigan Awesome that makes the best Michigan-spirited shirts ever.

They also have fantastic customer service. I ordered a "smitten with the mitten" shirt from them a few months ago, and they sent me the wrong size. So instead of having me send it back, they told me share the Michigan love and give it to someone else. AWESOME.

Today there is a LivingSocial deal for MichiganAwesome! Pay$15, get $30 worth of clothing/gear (including shipping costs!). I definitely bought one this morning. I can't wait to expand my Michigan-love collection.

All you fellow Michigangsters (this is a MichiganAwesome coined term as well which I LOVE): go buy the deal and show your michigan love :)


  1. Food looks yum! Thanks so much for your comment about the Sit ups! I'm such a dumb dumb not reading the website!! :) yay! I would much rather be doing crunches :) :)

  2. They do make some fun shirts! Your post made me hungry and I'm being lazy and putting off dinner. Time to eat I guess!

  3. ohhhh Michigan. so many things I could say, but I'll refrain... ;)