Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Passion Tea Lemonade

Yesterday after a long day of finishing up a paper, a class presentation, work, and yoga, I came home and was dying for something a little bit sweet and cool.

It just so happened that roomie was looking for a box of tea (that is strangely, still missing?), and the idea to make a huge container of iced passion tea arised arose. (blogger is telling me this is not a word. can anyone confirm/deny?) (Thank you kait for your english language expertise)

I took a page from miss ella and followed her very basic instructions here.

Just a bunch of passion tea bags, in a huge pitcher with half hot water, half ice.

This baby took 2.5 whole trays of ice cubes, but it was worth it to drink it cold almost immediately after making it.

Now this was just the tea, so its not quite shaken passion tea lemonade YET.

but all it takes is a splash of costco's organic volcano lemon juice:

And it is essentially starbuck's shaken passion tea lemonade. WITH NO SUGAR.

sometimes I amaze myself.

With regard to the training plans, I have done little since Saturday's long run. Yesterday was my usual monday night power yoga. I'm bummed because next week is our last class and the instructor is graduating. I'm not sure how I'll get in my yoga next year, but hopefully I can find another fab instructor.

I had an easy end to my night plopped in front of the tv watching Bethenny Ever After. Oh my lord, when they were talking about what they were going to call Bryn's vagina?  And when Bethenny called Julie a sherpa?!  Oh lord, Bethenny KILLS me.

The weather is looking good today, so I'm planning on an evening outdoor run in the just under 60 degree weather. I'm excited :)


  1. YUM! I'm going to try that when it's truly summer. My in-laws gave us a tin of passion tea for our anniversary last year, haha.

    Re: arised - the past tense of "arise" is "arose" :)


  3. Looks good! I should make my own. We make our own iced tea - we go through a gallon every 3 days!

  4. oh giiiiiiiirl - you done gone CRAZY with the lemon juice! I didn't even think of that! will have to try it next time.. or maybe even sparkling lemon water?! omg the possibilities..!

  5. i will be making this soon, no worries. and bethenny KILLS me.