Sunday, April 10, 2011

food shopping + weekly long run stats

Another week, more food shopping.

I went to Trader Joes' on Thursday to pick up more essentials.

This spread would include:

pineapple spears (they make me feel so tropical)
grape tomatoes
multigrain sandwich thins
chocolate chips
creamy unsalted peanut butter
creamy goat cheese
bunch of asparagus
3 bananas
 apple honey butter! (very exicted about this new product!)
 2% lowfat greek yogurt
organic garbanzo beans
chocolate chips
shredded pepperjack cheese
and a vegetarian pizza

Also, yesterday morning I baked for Relay for Life. Trader Joe's boxed cupcakes and Martha's Pumpkin Muffins.
 In other news, Half Marathon training has been going well.

Yesterday was the 7-miler, which was good. I ran to the Arboretum, which was great. It was so nice to run on ground that had some give to it - instead of just hard concrete.

See that nice 22 minute break between Lap 3 and 4?  That's getting to be a pretty consistent problem.
It's mostly because I forgot to turn off my garmin the other day which sucked all the battery life, but I have yet to actually run longer distances (5+)  without stopping for a little bit. I haven't stopped because it was absolutely necessary, but rather that it was a nice break, so my next longer run I think I'll make sure not to stop.  Although that means I need to get some sort of water holding device. Still determining which one to get -- any tips crazy long distance runners?

Camelbak? Amphipod? Nathan?

I need some advice!!


  1. I have no running tips, I'm sorry :)

    Do you like TJ's peanut butter? I got some creamy a while back and I keep it in the fridge but it's always kind of...oily. I don't really like it. I've been eating Maranatha (or however you spell it) organic and it's good but honestly? I'm having my mom bring me Meijer brand organic because it's my favorite so far!

    (I've heard pesticides are realllllly bad with peanuts, so that's another reason I don't eat the TJ's very much)

  2. I have a Camelbak - I've only used it for hiking but it's one of their newer models. Small, lightweight, and has breathable material against my back that keeps it from getting all...well, you know, gross. When I sweat. So.

  3. look at all of that good food! ok i have the 4-bottle nathan pack for long runs and love it! would not be able to survive without. i also have the amphipod fanny pack thing for shorter runs for keys, license, random stuff, etc! hope that helps! thanks for the garmin rec :)

  4. I use a Nathan handheld for my long runs. If it's a training run, I make sure to either route myself past a water fountain, or bring cash to stop and buy something. Such is the joys of urban running.

    If it's a race, I make sure they'll have something on the course that I'm good with, first. I'll bring my hand held filled with water, then re-fill at aid stations if needed.

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