Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Shopping Event

So Happy (beleated) April bloggies!

This April I'm deciding to take a page from Stacy and do a grocery event where I track everything I buy and whether it gets used or wasted (which happens more often than I'd like to admit).

So last Friday, after lululemon complementary yoga was cancelled, and i bought ANOTHER pair of groove pants (its an addiction.  but omg unicorn tears is incredible!), I took a trip to trader joe's, my grocer of choice.

It was more of a pick up a few random things trip rather than a "here's ingredients to make these meals" trip, but thats okay.

Anyway, here's what I picked up:

Zico Coconut water x2 (for the impending 7 mile run this weekend, and the 8 mile run the following weekend) - 1.49x2 = $2.98
Pineapple spears - $3.29
Kerrygold butter (THE BEST BUTTER EVER.) - $2.79
Pure florida orange juice - $5.49
Asparagus - $1.99
Organic Gala Apples - $2.49
Sourdough bread (which actually went home for my parents to eat most of, but that's okay) - $1.99
+ Daffodils (because they're 1.69 and make me smile when I see them) - $1.69

Grand Total? $25.80

I also went Costco shopping with my mom over the weekend, and while I didn't snap a picture of everything I bought, here's the highlights:

ORGANIC strawberries 
       costco always has tons of huge containers of strawberries, but they're rarely organic. and since strawberries are near the top of the dirty dozen, i always go organic for them. this time they had them and i stocked up
huge container of organic spinach

Those strawberries were the star of my pre- and post-run breakfast this morning.

TJ's plain greek yogurt, sliced strawberries + udi's vanilla granola

so delicious.


  1. how much were the strawberries?? i've been DYING for strawberries but organic have been $5 for a regular sized container and that just feels like too much.

  2. Ahh they were only 6-7 (can't remember) for two pounds! such a good deal! i feel like i should have bought two containers and frozen one!

  3. That looks delicious! And how DARE you use butter! Haha. :P

  4. haha that was my breakfast of choice for MONTHS! (plain yogurt, strawberries, granola) I ended up tiring of it though after eating it constantly for quite some time. probably didn't help that I was eating it for lunch many days, too ;)