Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long Run + Friday morning Breakfast

Friday morning I woke up earlier than normal and headed with a few nutrition-concerned friends (aka members of the Student Advocates for Nutrition group), and headed to breakfast.

It was an unusual breakfast as it was at this house:

This is Selma Cafe. A local couple opens up their house on Friday mornings to serve a donation-based breakfast. All the money goes towards building hoop houses. And breakfast was incredible. They bring in local chefs every week.

We sat at the kitchen counter, so we got to see the awesomeness of the cooking process, and I had major kitchen envy from this absolutely beautiful kitchen.

There were two specials offered, and luckily both were ordered between the four of us so I could provide pictures of both!


This was my cheesy grits, fried egg, and wilted greens with bacon. It was incredible.

And this was the other special. Toasted bread, ham, poached egg, some sort of delicious (but bad for you) sauce.

We also drank the best coffee with incredible half and half made with raw whole milk and cream.

Oh and the other cool part - the entryway is covered with the nametags of everyone who comes and eats on Fridays.


Yesterday morning was the long run. I was worried, because the weather forcast predicted rain all day. Luckily, after waking up at nine, eating toast and PB, and a banana, The rain was still holding off so I decided to get out and run.

It was possibly the best run I've ever had. I loved it. Usually the first few can be rough. This run was always good. I ran 6 miles without stopping, then grabbed a water, popped 3 shotbloks (which I LOVE. omg hello candy for runners), and did a quick pee break.

Then ran the two miles home fastest of all. Woo for negative splits (sort of).

This run had zero pain, zero struggles. and this morning I woke up without any pain either. AWESOME.


  1. That breakfast sounds so fun! I'm a sucker for a kitchen :)

    Congrats on a great run!

  2. That place looks awesome! I'll have to try it if I ever get back to Ann Arbor. Did you have to make reservations or just show up?

  3. @Stacy - no reservations, just show up! we had to wait about 20 minutes (got there at 8AM) but it wasn't a big deal!

  4. what a cool idea! and that second dish looks like a version of Eggs Benedict...probably Hollandaise sauce. (i'm pretty much obsessed with eggs benedict)

  5. I found your blog through your guest post on every little thing :) I'm in SAN too! I wanted to go to Selma's with SAN, but had to work...have to try to go in the summer. Looks incredible!

    Do you have any good running routes to recommend in AA? I am soo ready to ditch the treadmills at the CCRB.