Friday, April 22, 2011

Shopping Event #5

So after a whole week of blogging every day like a good blogger, i fall off the face of the earth.

Finals will do that to you.

But now that I have a moment to breathe (pre-run, in 40 degree, post rain weather), here some bad decisions on my part:

Smarty pants Lauren decided she would take a trip to target and whole food on Thursday afternoon (last thursday).


because after I said I wasn't going to grocery shop like a crazy person any more, I DID JUST THAT.

In my justification, a lot of what i bought from whole foods was on sale?

2 evol burritos - sale 2/$6 + b1g1 coupon = $3 (woooo!) (already eaten, haha)
organic baby spinach - $1.99 (almost already eaten)
pirates booty - sale $2.50
okois vanilla - $2.19-.50 coupon = $1.79
kettlecorn - sale $3.00
annies organic spelt pretzels - sale $3.00 + $1 + $.75 coupon = $1.25
adora dark chocolate calcium - 8.99
chia seeds(!!!) - 6.99
dr. praeger's veggie burger - 5.99 + $1 coupon = $4.99 (ate one)

= $34.36

In my defense, I was also iron-loading, which is like carb loading, but for donating blood.

old picture, but still badass :)

and guess what? i was 110% successful last monday morning. So i donated blood like a boss, and the jumped head first into finals week. It's starting to slow down again, so you can expect more consistent blogging next week.


  1. I can't get out of Whole Foods for less than $30 generally. I haven't been in forever now that my work hours are longer! Makes me sad.

  2. mmm pirate's booty.... yummy...

  3. hope finals week went well!
    i have never given blood before, but i've heard it's good to go running right before to help the blood flow faster. :)