Monday, May 16, 2011


Holy cow, I just had the best run ever.

Yes, this is my grand return to blogging, the best run ever.

Check out these garmin stats:

Yes, that does say 8:09/mi. It also says 7:46 for my last mile. I am in love.

This run just felt good the whole way. I didnt feel super speedy, I wasn't killing myself, it was just perfect.

Here's what surrounded this run so I can try and replicate next Monday:

-Going to bed at 12:45 and waking up at 7:45
-Eating dinner of a chicken sandwich at 5:00
-Drinking coffee at 5:00
-Drinking chia fresca about an hour before
-A single strawberry shot blok right before I left
-Completely clashing running attire (try brand new orange/pink bikila, blue michigan headband, black wunder unders, blue run swiftly long sleeve with a green mountain hardwear thin hoody over it)
clashing running

clashing running by lauren alysse on

-Working from 1-7
-Cooler weather (high 40s)
-ALL GLEE on the shuffle
-New shoes

I have no idea what did it, but this is definitely the best run I've ever had. Oh half marathon in less than 3 weeks, here I come.


  1. SO jealous of your awesome Vibrams! My toes are too long for the girl Vibrams :( So I have to wear boring men's ones. I have big feet. Boo.

  2. I love those Vibrams!

    Nice run, congrats :D