Monday, May 30, 2011

One Week Until the Half

So sticking to the last 10 days of the training plan is going super well! Yesterday morning was the 10 mile run pre-half. I tried to mimic race day as much as possible, and tried to get out there around 8:30. I was 14 minutes late, but it was a good run. good pace, felt good. 

Here's the garmin stats:

After the run yesterday morning, I pigged out with friends at the original pancake house for a perfect post-run meal.

Post-work I took a trip to kroger and I walked away with a grocery bag that screams ONE WEEK UNTIL HALF MARATHON:

bag of ice to make my calves numb
two boxes of fruit snacks (carb loading whattup!)
take and bake bread (more carb loading!)
and ocean spray sparkling cranberry energy 
(okay these aren't really runner related, but they were on sale, i wanted to try them, and i could definitely use energy to run 13.1 miles this weekend, right?)

I felt like such a BA.

Today I stretched the muscles with an easy 2.5 miler. It wasn't as easy as I hoped thanks to 96% humidity, but I powered through.

and then it was time for a date with my favorite:

TADA. foam roller, love of my life.

feel special that you get to be graced by my sweaty post-run face with my foam roller :)

Also is it really bad that I want to buy all kinds of Dexter-Ann Arbor Run Memorabilia because it's my first half?  y/n?


  1. sounds like half training is going well!
    running in the humidity is the worst. i ran 7 miserable miles yesterday...i think i need to bring water next time!

  2. woooo the anticipation is killing me :)

  3. You've totally got this!! I've been wanting to try those Ocean Spray sparkling things, they look rad! Enjoy taper, you've earned it!