Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things I Learned 5/28

Things I learned this week...

the pocket in nike tempo shorts has relocated.
The other day I was about to go for a run and was shocked to find no pocket! turns out its now in the back of the shorts. good thing.

certain companies have really freaking awesome customer service
I really liked last year's training shirts for the detroit marathon, so i ordered one. they had limited sizing left, so i kind of got lucky when i ordered the one i did. I got a call the other day that the shirt I had ordered was the last one and unfortunately had some make up on the collar from someone trying it on. So they offered to send me this year's training shirt as well. So i got two shirts for $20. AWESOME.

watching glee and sex and the city makes me want to go to new york
this week's glee finale in new york, plus finally getting around to watch the end of sex and the city made me want to visit this city SO MUCH. new york city marathon 2012 anyone?

sometimes waiting around to pay bills can pay off.
A few months ago I subscribed to Runner's World anticipating my two free preview issues. Well of course, those issues didn't come until after my bill was due. I was a little upset and failed to pay the balance right away. well good thing I did because amazon has Runner's World for 8.50 for a year. Way better than the $24 for two years I was going to pay. 


  1. sounds like some good lessons learned this week!
    i learned that living in ann arbor in the spring requires either buying a boat or an umbrella that can withstand sideways wind and rain. crazy weather!

  2. what floor do you usually work on? i'm usually running around on 6 mott and occasionally have some kiddos on 5, too. :) if you ever see me, say hi!

  3. GL with the running practice for the marathon! (that hasn't happened yet... right? haha)

    i want to go to nyc too!!! hopefully that's where i'll get to go for med school! :)