Monday, August 25, 2014

Bachlorette Favors

Last weekend I threw a bachlorette party for my best friend.

It was awesome.

After a lot of pinterest stalking, I decided on two favors.

The first favor was glittered champagne flutes. 

This process was pretty easy, but a little time-consuming.

Supplies needed:

  •  Champagne flutes (purchased mine at the dollar store)
  • Martha Stewart All-Surface Glitter Paint (the tutorial I looked at mentioned Martha Stewart's glass glitter paint. I only later discovered that the glass paint isn't produced any more, and the all surface paint works on glass as well. You can find this at Jo-Ann's or Michaels) 
  • Sponge Brush
  • Aluminum Foil
I did my glittering freehand, although you could use painter's tape to make a more delineated line. 

I poured some paint onto aluminum foil, dipped the sponge brush in the paint, and just dabbed onto the glasses. I tried to do a gradient effect - more paint on the bottom and less as you moved up the glass.

I also let the paint dry for at least an hour between each layer.

The sich on washing/glitter staying-power: The paint bottle says the paint will cure in 21 days. I made these only a few days before the party, so I told the ladies to rinse with warm soapy water, but to wait to dishwash until the 21 days were up. 

The second favor was emergency kits that included the following items:
  • bottle of water
  • gum
  • advil
  • a hair tie
  • a mint
  • a nail file
  • mouthwash
  • chocolate
  • band-aid 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer 2014

Whoa, whoa, where did summer go?

Where did 3 years of law school go?

Life is insane.

Summer 2014 was pretty much destroyed by the bar exam that I took two weeks ago. I was able to head to northern Michigan three times over the course of the summer though, and spend lots of time with lots of law school loves who are headed off to various prestigious lawyerly jobs across the country.

There was a bit of running, a bit of baking, a bit of boozing, and a bit of spinning.

I did a pretty good job of documenting it all through the iphone though.

And so this is an iphone photo dump, with occasional captions and links to recipes. Hoping to get back into the swing of this blogging thing. Hoping to make the most amazing funfetti donuts. Hoping to get a half marathon on the schedule for the fall.

But in the meantime, just enjoy these summertime photos.

lake michigan

improvised cooling rack

wild asparagus


sleeping bear sand dunes

PEONIES (!!!!!)

birthday cake macaron

shakespeare in the arb

grilled pizza with so many toppings

lelanau peninsula 

taquemenon phenomenon 

mackinac bridge

isalita, ann arbor, mi

inspiration: dula notes

recipe: dula notes

blank slate creamery, ann arbor, mi

comerica park

social, birmingham, mi