Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Training + Physical Therapy

So I'm marathon training again. I don't think I've mentioned that yet. I'm planning on running the kalamazoo marathon.

And this race training cycle I'm determined not to get injured.

So I'm doing PT. At ATI physical therapy. I'm in week 2. and so far so awesome.

not my actual place. but close.
During half marathon training #1, I ended up with a stress fracture, then a legit fracture.

During marathon training #1, I ended up with major shin pain that was present even when I wasn't running. So I shut running down, barely trained, but still ran the marathon.

I'm now in marathon training #2 and I refuse to get injured.

So I'm PT'ing, 3 days a week. Turns out my feet need some work. As does most of the muscles in  my legs. But we're working on it. and we're getting there, and I think it's good.

My exercises are a lot of things I've done - lunges, and resistance bands, and squats. but things I would probably never imagine would affect my running.

So it's good.

While running is still not pain free, I don't think I'm anywhere near "the i-word" which is so good.

I also have a half marathon coming up in less than two weeks!

I'm running the hot cocoa classic in Detroit on April 6th! I should be set for a PR, but you never know what will happen. My half times have been crazy close - within 10 minutes of each other, so i'd eventually like to break below that.

also excited to do a half that goes on belle isle! the race should be fun :)

So that's the running update.

I'll probably do a post on some of my exercises soon.

Ever been to PT? thought about it?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday Ramblings (aka how many links can i put in a single post)

I am so in love with this march calendar. I've always loved having a calendar desktop wallpaper, and ruche has been killing it on these lately. ranunculus? my favorite.

I've never ordered anything from ruche, so I can't tell you if, you know, what they're selling is worth buying as well. although it makes me incredibly mad that this is essentially the same as the anthropologie skirt that i bought over the summer and spent at least twice on. (see also, skirt in action) also it makes me mad that anthro keeps their products online for so long, because then i find things on there and it pisses me off when i can't find them online. (see also, this skirt)

there are certain types of reality tv that i am such a sucker for. def not a fan of kardashians (although at one point i was), but the "everyday couple" reality tv sucks me in. Like The Little Couple. and Guiliana and Bill. although I guess G&B are pretty far from "everyday couple." But you know I was in front of the tv watching the new little couple season premiere last night.

My day designer finally arrived and I am so in love. It will have its own post soon, but just know that it is lifechangingly wonderful. and these pens? also lifechanging.

I'm really trying to get down to the elusive zero-inbox with the help of meg biram's and and hitha's posts from yesterday. Not there yet, but once I do, I'll let you all know how i did it.

today i did christina's hip digging flow in my apartment instead of making my way to the gym or yoga studio. and LOVED it. thanks lady!

finally, i'm giving up sweets for lent. so those beauties at the top of this post? see you in 40 days. :(

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paczki Run

On Saturday I ran the Paczki Run in Hamtramck, MI. It was so much fun! I was running with a few friends, not for time, mostly just to get a the paczki and the beer guaranteed at the end.

Oh, but I guess I should address something first - what is a paczki?

box of paczki

Only the most delicious fattening almost donut ever. It's a polish pastry that is basically a filled donut, but so much better than a regular filled donut. they're consumed before ash wednesday in polish-heavy places like detroit, and i love them.

So I was happy to run 3.1 miles for one. and for beer.

Packet's were simple -- bibs, a race map, and t-shirt colors based on paczki flavors -- so custard, plum, raspberry, and lemon.

I went with plum.

The polar vortex decided to be less vicious, and we were running in some high 20s temps.

The run was just around the Hamtramck neighborhoods. No difficulty finding turns, and the course distance was quite accurate. So yay's all around.

And afterward, just like we were promised, we got beer and paczki. Its an awesome thing.

ALSO! this is my 100th post. pretty fitting that a 75% polish girl like me is writing about the run where they give out a traditionally polish pastry at the end. kind of love it.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

What is the best themed run you've seen?