Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paczki Run

On Saturday I ran the Paczki Run in Hamtramck, MI. It was so much fun! I was running with a few friends, not for time, mostly just to get a the paczki and the beer guaranteed at the end.

Oh, but I guess I should address something first - what is a paczki?

box of paczki

Only the most delicious fattening almost donut ever. It's a polish pastry that is basically a filled donut, but so much better than a regular filled donut. they're consumed before ash wednesday in polish-heavy places like detroit, and i love them.

So I was happy to run 3.1 miles for one. and for beer.

Packet's were simple -- bibs, a race map, and t-shirt colors based on paczki flavors -- so custard, plum, raspberry, and lemon.

I went with plum.

The polar vortex decided to be less vicious, and we were running in some high 20s temps.

The run was just around the Hamtramck neighborhoods. No difficulty finding turns, and the course distance was quite accurate. So yay's all around.

And afterward, just like we were promised, we got beer and paczki. Its an awesome thing.

ALSO! this is my 100th post. pretty fitting that a 75% polish girl like me is writing about the run where they give out a traditionally polish pastry at the end. kind of love it.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

What is the best themed run you've seen? 

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