Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday Ramblings (aka how many links can i put in a single post)

I am so in love with this march calendar. I've always loved having a calendar desktop wallpaper, and ruche has been killing it on these lately. ranunculus? my favorite.

I've never ordered anything from ruche, so I can't tell you if, you know, what they're selling is worth buying as well. although it makes me incredibly mad that this is essentially the same as the anthropologie skirt that i bought over the summer and spent at least twice on. (see also, skirt in action) also it makes me mad that anthro keeps their products online for so long, because then i find things on there and it pisses me off when i can't find them online. (see also, this skirt)

there are certain types of reality tv that i am such a sucker for. def not a fan of kardashians (although at one point i was), but the "everyday couple" reality tv sucks me in. Like The Little Couple. and Guiliana and Bill. although I guess G&B are pretty far from "everyday couple." But you know I was in front of the tv watching the new little couple season premiere last night.

My day designer finally arrived and I am so in love. It will have its own post soon, but just know that it is lifechangingly wonderful. and these pens? also lifechanging.

I'm really trying to get down to the elusive zero-inbox with the help of meg biram's and and hitha's posts from yesterday. Not there yet, but once I do, I'll let you all know how i did it.

today i did christina's hip digging flow in my apartment instead of making my way to the gym or yoga studio. and LOVED it. thanks lady!

finally, i'm giving up sweets for lent. so those beauties at the top of this post? see you in 40 days. :(

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