Thursday, April 2, 2015

TiLT #12: origins original skin, dagne dover, pizza ramekins

Things I Love Thursday #12

Dagne Dover

Very very luckily got my hands on a very slightly used turquoise leather mini tote and i'm in love! The bag itself is beautiful. Now the only issue is going to be actually remembering to put things in the pockets, instead of just tossing my phone in the bag or my pen or whatever. and preventing myself from purchasing the big tote. ::speak no evil monkey emoji::

Pizza Ramekins

with mushrooms, banana peppers, spinach, nom
Almost as satisfying as pizza as I get through the final "no-pizza" push. eeeep! Thanks tracy!

origins original skin

i won this badboy in their #quarterlifecrisis app and I'm so excited because I was honestly considering buying it. I've been looking for a serum and since this is formulated for 20-somethings, I figured it'd be a good serum for me. I used it last night. Smell = pleasant. consistency = i needed about four pumps to cover my face, so its not thin or watery. results = we'll see!

little loves: julep oxygen bonding base coat | lusting after these tights (thanks cecile!) | dressing thats so good you'll eat it with just lettuce (but that doesn't mean you should, toppings are the spice of life (or something)) | midweek mid distance runs in SHORTS AND A T-SHIRT | flex city (again and again) | having a law student-esque thursday night drinking too much oberon | starbucks birthday cake frappuccino | small pleasures of dog people (so much truth) |

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