Thursday, April 30, 2015

TiLT #16: nike foreverun tights and firefly hot yoga

These are amazing. Thanks cecile for being an enabler, and posting about them, because I am so in love. Naturally, J hates them, but they are awesomely comfortable, awesomely colorful, and awesomely ridiculous. And I couldn't be happier. They were also awesomely expensive until I found them branded differently but with the same style number on, and used a coupon code to make them more lululemon-running-tight-esque price-wise. It is bittersweet that I won't be able to wear these bad boys all that often now that  things are warming up, but I also CANNOT complain about the warm-up. Ran in them for 12 miles on Sunday and they were glorious. no issues, total comfort. 

Related: 12 miles with the run club. Something about run club runs -- they are always just SO GOOD. I can't explain it. Major props to ashley and nick who pushed through the last 4 or so with me.

photo credit: @fireflyhotyogabar
Candlelight slow burn at firefly hot yoga bar
This was my sunday funday recover from 12 miles, and it was phenomenal. lauren is an excellent instructor, and the very best part - ending in legs up the wall, with a lavender scented cool towel on my forehead. perfection. 

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