Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why Flex City Fitness in Lansing is The Best Workout [review]

I'm almost done with a 2 week new student special at flexcity fitness and I am in love.

FlexCity is what I would describe as a bootcamp style fitness class. Each class is 56 minutes long and includes cardio, strength and flexibility.

source: flexcity facebook. also thats me! on the spin bike on the right in the pink tank. go me!
The cardio is accomplished through time on both the spin bike and the treadmill, but if you have an injury that would prevent you from doing one or the other, you could surely just do all your cardio on one machine. Most classes the cardio component is either 10 minutes on each, or two sets of 6 minutes on each.

The strength component changes each time. The classes I've attended have utilized the following equipment: weights, barre, magic circle, TRX, bosu, scooters, resistance bands. The instructors are great at providing modifications for injuries, and fitness level (in both directions -- more challenging and easier options).

The class splits up into groups to accommodate the various stations - 8 on bikes, 8 on treadmill, and the other half of the class on the floor. and then we swap.

The studio is clean and bright -- its my understanding they knocked down some walls to open up the space and it honestly looks great. There's a large open floor area for strength and TRX work - plenty of space to spread out without worrying about whacking your neighbor with your hand or even worse your weight. The treadmills are up against one wall, and the spin bikes are usually in line with the treadmills, unless its a day when we're using the bar.

There's a good amount of mirrors to keep an eye on form and how sweaty you're getting.

I've used my heart rate monitor for several of the classes, and hit over 500 calories burned on all of them.

The instructors, Trista and Jenny, are great. They really know what they're doing, are motivating, are great at cuing form, and really just incredible. I know I could never keep track of what's supposed to be going on in 3 different places at once!

Interested in signing up?

New students get their first class free, and then they also offer a new student special -- 2 weeks unlimited for $35! (which I am totally taking advantage of. I've been 6 times already!)

There are two locations, one in Lansing and one in Grand Rapids. The GR location has a groupon special right now -- it's totally worth it!

Despite only having been at flex city for less than 2 weeks, I'm already repping flex city and bought an "I ♥ Flexcity" tank. 

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