Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Ramblings

1) yesterday i walked into target at 8AM and bought a six pack of beer and a bottle of kombucha. Now it was st paddys day, but I no longer live in a college town, so I think this is now unacceptable. But I was getting it in order to make my corned beef in the crockpot because my mom swears by a bottle of beer in the pot. So there you go. justification for 8AM six pack purchases.

2) i made irish car bomb cupcakes yesterday and ate one despite my "no sweets during lent." whoops. its just tradition at this point though.

3) pretty sure I'll be making this sometime this week. 20 minutes, ingredients i mostly have? done and done babycakes.

4) the skimm march madness guide is the bomb dot com. They pulled a lot of it into this morning's skimm. so bracket tips in your morning email? sign up here

5) definitely want to make this cake.

6) finally, a sciencey link:Genetic Modification I can get behind
and a legal one: supreme court reenactment by dogs (literally amazing!) 

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