Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Upcoming Races

1) Gazelle Girl Half Marathon - April 19, Grand Rapids Michigan

I'm excited for this! One of my good friends ran it two years ago and really enjoyed it! I'm excited for it -- plus I have 3 friends running it. It will be my first "all-girl race" which I'm also excited about -- gotta love girl power (def. putting some spice girls on the playlist for this one!)

half marathon tee on the right! 
and charm on the left! (source for both: gazelle girl fb)

2) Fifth Third Riverbank Run 25K - May 9, Grand Rapids Michigan

My very first 25K! I think that there's a chance this will be my "goldilocks distance." I love halfs, hate fulls, but always feel like I can go a bit longer on  the half marathons. So I think 25K (which works out to ~15 miles) will be perfect.

Plus, by running both of these races, I'm gonna get this bad boy:

looooove great medals :)
So that's the racing agenda. In terms of training, I'm trying to squeeze in long runs on the weekends, and my mile-a-day for lent is keeping my running endurance up as well. I did 7 last weekend, am looking forward to 8 or 9 this weekend, and then there's a few more weekends to go before gazelle girl!

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