Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Highlights

1) J and I watched mockingjay part 1 and gone girl this weekend. I had already seen mockingjay part 1 and enjoyed it. J read the entire first hunger games book in a meijer while waiting for his car to be fixed, and has since been interested in all the movies. Although his impatience lead to him googling "who does katniss choose" which gave away just about every plot point in the last movie. poophead.
I thought gone girl the movie was really well done. I read the book a few summers ago, knew all the twists, etc. J liked it to despite not having read the book, and was thoroughly impressed that it was not just "did he or didnt he" the whole way through as he expected. apparently the world was good at not filling the internet with gone girl twist spoilers. It made me want to read "sharp objects" the last of the gillian flynn books for me to read. I own it, so I should probably just do that right?

2) I very very impromptu signed up for the shamrocks and shenanigans 5K in ann arbor. The proceeds went to mott, its a st paddys 5K, I got a shirt, pint glass, medal and magnet. It was just all good. Full recap to come, but I just wanted to share that before the race I was walking too fast on ice and totally bit it. two skinned knees, one scraped up hand, and a hole in my super nice CW-X capris. not so nice. Luckily the pain isnt too bad, and its not like I'm hobbling around. but still, not so graceful, not so awesome.

source: S&S facebook page
3) I ate an omelet yesterday that was smothered in gravy and filled with hash browns it was the best thing ever.

4) I spent all the money at trader joe's yesterday. And I didn't even buy booze. But I am going to eat so healthy and so well for the next 2+ weeks. I just need to make sure not to waste any of the delicious things I bought. But really, is it even possible to waste things like cookie butter sandwiches or perfectly ripe organic strawberries? I dont think so.

5) Ann Arbor meant stopping at PaperSource the new bane of my existence. They had a few things on clearance that I picked up and a few things not on clearance. Whoops. I started embossing cards, and I am super pumped about it. I will probably do a full post on it soon, but its so fun.

6)  Saturday night girls night dinner. loved it.

7) HEAT WAVE. for the first time in months the temperature was above 40. it was glorious.

8) last week's broad city was so so so hilarious. Ilana and Oliver was just awesome -- and Trey. Oh dear, Trey. And I watched the first episode of unbreakable kimmy schmidt and really liked it! Looking forward to more episodes!

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