Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Highlights

All of the House of Cards


J is pretty obsessed, so I spent approximately 12 hours watching this political drama this weekend. I have to say its quite different than the last two seasons -- SPOILER for s2: Frank as president is interesting and a new type of manipulation from season 1 and 2. It was kind of cool that this season was a bit more realistic. I thought they kind of jumped the shark with season 2, but this did bring it back to reality a bit, but it didn't have all the exciting have to keep watching drama of season 1. If we weren't binge watching, I'm not sure how excited I would have been to keep watching these episodes if they were instead airing week after week. So that's my general House of Cards season 3 review.

A Sunday Afternoon Run Club Run

legs up against the wall
Anne, a fellow oiselle flockster, told me about the Lansing running group when I moved here in October, but I never made it to an event until yesterday. I met up with some awesome people, and ran 9 miles around East Lansing. It was exactly what I needed after Austin -- a reminder that I can run 9 miles without walk breaks and without stopping for much other than a few stoplights and a single bathroom break. And then followed by a beer and chili and crack fries at hopcat. What more could you want?

Breakfast at Theio's

Typical diner breakfast, but I opted for pancakes with my eggs to fuel the 9 miler (because I'm not eating bread :crying face emoji: more on that later), and they were as big as my head. sold!

Yoga at Firefly Hot Yoga Bar

source: @fireflyhotyogabar insta
Man, this was the weekend for new fitness experiences. On Saturday afternoon I went to Firefly Hot Yoga Bar for the first time. I attended their free(!!) slow burn, and it was great. It was weird for me to not do a vinyasa class -- that's totally what I'm used to, but this series flowed as well, and really stretched me out. Plus I was totally sweating through it -- thanks heated room!

Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast

Yup. As always, Jessica was right. This is pretty phenomenal. I didn't by the appropriate cut of beef (because lets be honest, I very rarely buy meat), but it still turned out great. My next shot at it will probably include potatoes though. Because what is pot roast without potatoes?

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