Thursday, March 5, 2015

TiLT #8: GR edition -- brewery vivant, rehabbedhandmade

Untitled  Brewery Vivant

A friend and I went here last week for Grand Rapids Beer week. It was great! We each got a flight and liked all the beers we got -- my favorites were a paczki beer (are you surprised? I'm not) made with powdered sugar and prunes, and one called Nun's garden, which was a pale ale aged in a wine barrel (again, are you surprised?). I also got the duck nachos which were crazy huge but crazy good. all in moderation, right?

Food earrings

Ordered these from rehabbedhandmade last week and I'm in love. the avocado with its pit on one side is particularly adorable. also who doesnt think donuts are cute? no one, that's who.

little loves: Free barkbox for you and me! | pancakes as big as my face (and their leftovers) | loopy mango blanket kit | long runs with a running group | one of the kind ladies in the day designer facebook group who sent me sticky flags to decorate/designate | mini luna bars | Olivia's tirade against Fitz on Scandal | baked fruit in ramekins

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