Thursday, March 19, 2015

TiLT #10: irish carbomb cupcakes, irish soda bread, march madness


cheating on lent on st paddys day

i think this started 1L year when J gave up alcohol for lent and then decided he would drink on st paddys. last year i gave up sweets as well, and I'm pretty sure I still made irish car bomb cupcakes for st paddys. and I did the same thing this year. And they are just so so so good. I finally used the dutch process cocoa powder the recipe calls for and i think it makes all the difference. love you tj's cocoa powder, but the dutch process ish is so much better. So i ate a cupcake. and irish soda bread. *heart eyes emjoi*

March Madness

I didn't make brackets until law school and now its just so addicting. sad my team isnt in it, but i'll still bracket along. I named my bracket "unbreakable" aka kimmy schmidt. but its already pretty broken (WTF 13 seeds!)

little loves: hannah brencher's monday morning email this week | door to door organics (full post/review coming soon) | being a birchbox book club winner | and a origins original skin/quarter life crisis winner! | flex city (also full post coming soon!) | a no spending money week until butter london nailpolish was 40% off today. whoops. bought this and this | julep's march box  (basically the colors in that photo) | maizey's barkbox | this recipe. now i just need an occasion |

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