Thursday, March 12, 2015

TiLT #9: skimm day and skimmbassadors, acacia scarves, maizey


This is my second scarf from acacia scarves and I'm in love. At one point this winter, I considered going to Jo-Ann's, getting some fabric, and making my own scarf. but the material is just not comparable at all. So I splurged a little and bought another scarf.
Acacia Scarves is run by Jaclyn Day (and her husband Brandon) -- who's blog I've been obsessed with lately, moreso for her life and book updates than the fashion, since I'm trying not to buy clothes currently. Her suggestion of ballet beautiful has made me add "ballet shoes" to my list of things to retrieve from my parents house.

Sip & Skimm

yesterday was skimm day! A day to blitz social media with the skimm, and celebrate the awesomeness. Skimm partnered up with Netflix for this one, to commemorate unbreakable kimmy schmidt's release. And because Kimmy's last time in the real world was the 90s, its perfect 90s nostalgia, and a perfect skimm day theme.

yes that is my hand digging into the pizza while the photo is being taken #impatient
Some fellow Michigan skimmbassadors and I met up for drinks and dinner and swag last night which was so much fun! It was so easy to chat with these girls about life and the skimm, and current events because we were all equally informed! Go #skimmlife.

This little nugget eating snow on Friday 

When maizey and I were walking around on Friday she decided she was literally going to chomp at the snow. 

little loves: pineapple and cashew fried rice | papersource |  this article | trader joe's | sunshine and warmer weather | extra hour of daylight (even if it means feeling like I'm waking up way earlier) | unbreakable kimmy schmidt (that autotuned theme song is so damn catchy. "they alive dammit!") | baking (even if I can't eat the final product) | oiselle flyte shorts on sale on amazon | communicating with j through instagram comments | me before you (i'm not finished yet! no spoilers!)

note: this post does contain some amazon affiliate links!

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