Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursday - 2/20

I am currently playing the "stalk google maps until it tells me that there's not heavy traffic on my drive that should take 35 minutes but is currently projected to take me an hour." oh polar vortex, you havoc-wreaking little minx.

it does give opportunities for photos like this though:
silly little dog barking at the thundersnow.
and this:

snowflakes were really that big

so I guess I love thundersnow! thunderstorms, always a favorite. snow? pretty much always a favorite (except when it extends drives like today). it is pretty darn pretty, right?

restaurant bathroom selfie
My v-day dinner outfit. pretty proud of myself for the pink without being sickening.

new to me gu!
branching out in the "flavors of gu i tolerate" and trying chocolate and caramel. hopefully i will not regret this. Also why isn't there a butterscotch gu? butterscotch pudding is the bomb dot com.

hedgehog dryer balls
I've always been a fan of dryer balls -- I like to think that they help fluff your clothes, and increase drying speed. these are just adorable, and thus i couldnt pass them up.

chocolate and strawberry macaron
and finally free macarons, accompanied by a free pedicure at vis-a-vis salon. doesn't get much better than that.

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