Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Getting things done

This past weekend was the weekend of getting ish done.

I had a to-do list on Saturday and I pretty much killed it.

I cleaned my room -- this is not that exciting, but still slightly exciting. Clean sheets, cleared desk, clothes in drawers. good things.

I blew up my exercise ball that had lost a good third of its air in the past 6 or so months. Mostly so I can more successfully do this fitnessista workout video.

I glued together a clay bowl I made and then proceeded to break. I then did the whole dip in nail polish shebang using this tutorial and now it looks like this:

so very happy with how it turned out. It will hold my rings and be perfect and adorable.

I fixed my straightener using this tutorial. The plate wasn't completely off (you can see in the first two photos), but it was definitely not completely attached. So i bought my J.B. Weld, stole a stirrer from a local coffee shop, and made it happen.

I bought a new drying rack since my 8-year-old one bit the dust recently. Yay properly dried workout gear!

also bought the necessary martha stewart paint to polka dot my tights, but haven't yet done that. will update when I do.

All fueled by this dark chocolate mocha from glassbox coffee, my new favorite local coffee place.

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