Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DxA2 Run To Do List

So how about a pre-half marathon to do list?

I love lists, and I don't think I've shared them enough with the blogging community.

So here we go:

1. super hydrate.
i'm talking 3L every day.

2. make half playlist
this has been a work in progress for the entirety of my (short) running career, but it need to get completed before sunday. its crazy how much good music affects runs. I swear my fastest 5 miler ever was due to the exclusively glee music.

3. carb load
started on saturday with the 3/4 loaf of multigrain bread, and will continue all week long. i'm thinking pasta for dinner tonight.

4. obtain shotbloks + bodyglide
done and done! one stop sale shop REI had these both for great deals yesterday. I was so pumped.

5. cherry juice all the time
pubmed can verify the benefits of cherry juice so i'm chugging this stuff all week too.

6. paint nails
this is going to be my thing. nails corresponding to race colors. so they'll be a lovely shade of green for this weekend. get excited.

7. further relationship with foam roller
def. contributed to the lack of soreness the past few days, so i'm going to put the moves on the foam roller and keep it intimate ;)

Anything else huge I'm forgetting?


  1. Have you picked your race outfit yet!? Don't try anything new on race day, and you'll be fine!

  2. I know nothing about running, but I did just start the couch to 5K! You should whip up a beginner's list of running tips! :)

  3. load up on sleep! :)
    have a great race!