Friday, June 3, 2011

Running, Icing, Eating

Happy 2 Days after National Running day bloggers!  Did you celebrate?

It's taper week for me, so I got out Wednesday and ran a speedy 4, which was really a poor choice, haha. My speed caused me to stop and walk between miles 2 and 3, which was fine overall I guess, but I'd like to get through 13.1 miles without walking on Sunday, so I'm going to have to make sure to start out easy, and go for those elusive negative splits. Maybe I'll need to start out the playlist with a few slower songs, and then finish up with the Thriller/Heads Will Roll mash-up from glee (this song always makes me run SO fast, I love when it comes up at the end of runs).

Regardless, I did get out there and run to celebrate. It was my first run through the arboretum since we were hit with monsoons this past week. This was more bad decision-making thanks to all that standing water acting as a breeding ground for bugs.

I had gotten my very first mosquito bite on my chest on Monday night. Well it was matched with another one yesterday morning:

Plus two more on my arm:

I have no self-control when it comes to scratching bug bites, so old-school Caladryl lotion is my BFF. I don't even care about the huge pink spots.


Yesterdays run was a little bit different. by the end of it I had foot pain in both feet in different spots. My left foot has pain on the ball of the foot. I am praying it is not a stress fracture. My right foot has arch pain.

Despite icing, these pains are still nagging.

Not good.

I'm pretty worried about the half, but I'm icing diligently, and we'll see how it goes.


Two things that have entered my summer running lifestyle that i'm SUPER happy about are as follows:

Banana Soft Serve

I've known about this for a while now, but for some reason failed to get around to making it. I always have bananas in the freezer thanks to a tendency to overbuy and a love for frozen bananas in smoothies. So in the sweltering heat of Tuesday, I decided it was time for banana soft serve.

This is seriously incredible. Its just bananas in the food processor until they turn into this awesome soft serve like consistency. Its so satisfying. And it's totally not that bad for me.
Love it.

I love it even more with Ahh-laska chocolate syrup.

All swirled together.



Second thing is inspired by Born to Run, which if you are looking for running inspiration is seriously PERFECT.

This is chia fresca:

Yes, it looks like pond water. 

It's a combo of the oh so popular chia seeds, agave, and fresh squeezed lime juice.

I've been drinking it before my runs and while the texture is a little funky (the chia seeds kind of gel) I'm still drinking it and not hating it, haha.


Alright, time to go ice the foot some more. I'll keep you updated ;)

me! rocking the cancer kickers shirt ;)

Oh and one last thing. The only donation to my fundraising page has been ME. so if you feel like being generous every little bit helps and would be appreciated! :)


  1. Confession: Chia utterly freaks me out, in every form.

    But, that banana situation looks rad. Yumtastic.

    Ice ice, baby! Rest up and enjoy your half!

  2. the heat here is killing me, too!
    and isn't banana soft serve the best? i just saw an awesome recipe for making neopolitan icecream out of banana soft serve that i think i have to try!

    hope your foot feels better soon!

    p.s. i just went to the jolly pumpkin in a2 for the first time; it was so cute! any other places you'd recommend in ann arbor?

  3. I need to make ice cream!! Ugh ice cream maker, why do you tempt me?! Hope the foot feels better today!

    Emily - You should try the Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor too, really good stuff. I also really liked the Heidelberg, but you can't go wrong with most places on Main Street.

  4. As weird as that chia drink looks, I think I'm going to have to try it!!

  5. So did you freeze the bananas before putting them in the food processor? Or have them in the fridge so they're cold?

  6. Tara - yes, you need to start with frozen bananas. I usually peel them and stick them in a tupperware container in the freezer so they're always available.

    i should probably clarify, haha.