Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to the Food

So since I won't be running any time soon, I've been thinking about what this blog will focus on. The past few months have been HALF HALF HALF obsessed, and now that I'm not training, or even running, I'm kind of back to square one with "what will my blog focus on?"

Well luckily, I've had plenty of time lately to make delicious eats.

Yesterday was particularly good.

I started out the day with a trip to whole foods for raspberries so I could make babycakes raspberry scones. Despite intending to only buy raspberries and coconut oil, I instead walked out spending $55. WHOOPS. In my defense, I did buy natural sunscreen because it was on sale and that is an expensive item.  And kombucha was on sale, so I had to stock up (may be going back again later this week for more, haha. obsession).

The raspberry scone recipe was so simple and easy. Just a few basic ingredients, baked for 14 minutes and tada deliciousness.

ingredients! so few! i love it!


ready to bake


These were more muffin-like than scone-like, but I still loved them.
Lucky for you all, the recipe is online here.

My day of delicious food further continued with this lunch:

This was a grilled cheese, made with WF australian cheddar (so good!), fuji apple, and tj's honey apple butter.

Step by step now:

and grill on the g. foreman. and tada! 

could not be more delicious


  1. I am not big on sandwiches but for some reason I love warm apples (not cobbler, just plain warm apples) so I'd love this sammy!

  2. Holy moly! These look amazing! And that sandwich looks wonderful as well!