Saturday, July 2, 2011

Preview of the Baking Extravaganza

I've been thinking of moving away from the name as a blog title and moving towards something of what this blog is evolving into.

Since last night and all morning have been a baking extravaganza in the almost empty apartment (lease ends July 10!), I was thinking something combining baking and running, my currently sidelined love.

The first and simplest thing that came to mind was Bake and Run, which I tested out on the blogspot platform and what do I find but:

1. A blog with the same background as mine (I really need to lose the book thing. duly noted and on the to-do list)
2. A blog just started in April
3. A blog written by a girl named LAURA

So the next simple variation is baking and running, which is available, but I'm a little unsure how I feel about the gerunds.

Insight? Opinions?

Oh and how about some sneak peaks into what I've been baking:

blueberry muffins

banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
chocolate chip coconut crispies


  1. i'm not big on the "ing" ...i'm trying to think of something creative for you. i feel like "verb, verb, verb" has become a bit overused in the blog world. maybe something like "running to bake" or "baking to run" or something like that?

  2. I agree with Stacy, I think something along the "running to bake" lines would be great...i.e. you do your running so that you can munch on awesome baked goodies? :)

  3. Or just "Run to Bake" would be a simplified version of the above suggestions :)