Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - 7/20

Things I Lovve Thursday! - 7/20

Jack's Mannequin's - My Racing Thoughts

NEW JACKS SINGLE. Jack's is my favorite band by far, and nothing could make my week like new music. Concert is next month with buster and I am DYING to go. Plus I love the subtle running reference ;)

Chi-town this weekend!

When this is posted, I'll be on my way to Chicago for 3 days! I'm so excited for pizza, lincoln park zoo, shopping, lake michigan and going out! 

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom's anniversary sale started last friday and you bet your butt I was there bright and early friday morning. I got my hands on a nordy's debit card (much better idea than a credit card, and they've already pulled money from my account, so no accidental credit card deal like at target), as well as nike tempos, socks, and a michael kors watch that i'm in love with. super awesome.

Long but awesome days at work

At work on Tuesday, I took a 15 minute lunch (usually I get an hour), but there were just so many things to do and so many awesome families and kiddos to interact with that I couldn't tear myself away. Despite the lack of a break, it was one of the best work days ever :)

This smoothie. raspberries, banana, milk, chocolate sun warrior and starbucks via (although next time i'll go with half a pack of via)

And I'm off! :)


  1. accidental credit card deal at target?

    I'm only curious as to what you mean by this because I'm constantly debating about whether or not I should get a Target credit card...

  2. Have fun in Chicago!

    What's the deal with a Nordstrom debit card? Does it work like a regular debit? What's the benefit?

  3. @Tara: So when i bought my dslr i wanted a target debit card to get 5% off, and they ended up submitting a credit card application for me instead and i ended up with a debit card. i haven't had any issues - the 5% off all the time is fab!

    @Stacy: the nordys debit works just like any other debit, but you get rewards, of course. if you spend 100 the day you open it, you get $20 nordstroms note, and then additional nordstrom notes when you spend another amount.