Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Swimming

So swimming is going just swimmingly.

Went to the pool yesterday with the intention of swimming 2000m - the distance required for a sprint tri.  WHOOPSIES. that was a total lie. While wikipedia-ing triathlons, I completely got the distance wrong. A sprint tri is 750m. aka 30 laps. Sprint Tri's involve biking 20 km, so maybe thats where I got this weird misinformation from. 2000m is actually the swimming distance required by a little less than a half ironman. An olympic triathlon is only 1500m. 
There was no way I was swimming 2000m without stopping, so I did it in sets of 10 laps - ten laps breaststroke, 10 laps freestyle, repeat x 8.

I allowed myself to stop and take a breather when necessary and pounded it all out in about 40 minutes.

post swim blackberry photo - looking like a fish
Goal for July? Swim 2000m without stopping. 

Also remaster flip turns just so I look like less of an incompetent swimmer (not that I would need to do flip turns in any sort of triathlon).

Starting now, I'm planning on swimming 4 days a week (Wed-Sat), and biking Monday+Tues with Sunday as a rest day. Fingers crossed that this actually happens.

Also something that has jumped to the top of my to-do list.

sunscreen, oh yes oh yes. that is not pretty

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  1. i'm digging your tan lines. haha. they look freakishly like mine, which are the result from 7 hour baseball games every sunday, with lots of different tanks.