Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The juice/travel/unintentional 9 miler week


Monday - day one of the juice cleanse, therefore I was feeling like crap. I took a juice right before I went on my run and felt pretty energized in my muscles but my head was just not there. Ran an easy .8 to meet up with a friend and then another easy 3 loop. Total = 3.8 miles

Tuesday - day two of the juice cleanse. Feeling better, pretty energized, take it to spin class for another easy work out. Don't push as hard, but feel good overall. Total = 55 min spin

Wednesday - day 3 of juice cleanse and I'm taking it easy even more with yoga for runners on demand. Pretty decent yoga - ill take it. Worth noting - a single camel pose is killer for my feet. Poor running feet. Total= 35 min yoga

Thursday - day trip day. The boo and I headed to the west side of the state to spend some time with good ole Lake Michigan. Ran along the shoreline, early evening, sunsetting. Bliss. An interrupted for pictures 3 miler. Total: 3 miles

Friday - OFF. Celebrated with fried fish and the largest Greek salad (not together).

Saturday - the unintentional 9 miler. Went out with the running buddy without a plan intending to rock 8 miles. We were prepared. I had my water bottle full of nuun, she had a caffeinated gu. Side note: this is also my virtual run for heather's team gab virtual race, so there will surely be a more detailed tale of this adventure to come. We figured the lack of a plan would be no big deal. I have a garmin. It tells me when I'm at 4 miles and then I can turn around. Wrong wrong wrong. You suck at life lauren. Short story: we end up about 3 miles away from her house at 7 miles. And the gu has wrecked havoc on running buddy's stomach. Oh and the temp has dropped precipitously. awesome awesome awesome.

Sunday - OFF. Per us


Monday - pure barre. Run 4
Tuesday - cardio cross for 60 min
Wednesday - barre
Thursday - run 4. Barre (?)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 5
Sunday - OFF

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