Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - 2/3

This has been the laziest week of my life.  Thanks to the tuesday night "blizzard" and the lack of anything of significance being due this week, I have done very very little.

I have gone to the gym consistently though!  that's good?  

and i finished "something blue" by emily giffen -- bringing my 2011 book total to..... two.  Woooo!

Surprisingly, despite my doing very little I do have quite a bit to blog about, but no motivation to type.  

So we'll start it out easy with the things I love:

evol burritos
i have always been a fan of the convenience of frozen burritos, but i can't say i've ever loved them.  i love evol the burritos (which shouldn't be surprising since their name is love backwards!)
my favorite type is the regular old beans rice and cheese.  i'm a simple girl, what can i say.
plus they're a company with "whole food" morals, which i can always get behind.

and they have an awesome website!  

An (essentially) empty email inbox
Do you see that?!  1 unread message in my gmail!?  i dont think that has ever happened before!  and to be fair, the one unread message is a myspace deactivation link as a reminder than i need to save the pictures on there and then DELETE DELETE.  because when you search 'lauren alysse michigan' that's what comes up.  not good for potential employer/googlers!
regardless, the empty inbox is so freeing.  I LOVE IT.

Cancelled Class

although UofM does not have snow days, my Professor decided to cancel class on wednesday anyway!  so that meant i did not have to give a presentation that i was definitely not prepared for.  110% YAY.  And luckily class was cancelled about 2 hours after it started snowing, and before it was realized that we weren't going to get nearly as much snow as predicted.

Glee-inspired Nails

So the Glee Sephora by OPI collection made its way onto my nails this week.  I painted on Sunday night as well as Tuesday night during the snow storm and I'm so in love.

This is "I'm a Gleek"

and this is "Sue Vs. Shue"

Pom Cranberry Juice
i've been searching and searching since before 2011, and i FINALLY FOUND IT.
soooo delish.  my two favorite superfruits.


  1. oo I like the "I'm a Gleek"!

    lol MySpace...I deactivated/deleted my account on there well over a year ago...and even back then I only signed on like once a month for most of 2008/2009...that site just got so sad.

  2. I'm doing an EVOL giveaway on my blog, likely this coming week! Look for it!

  3. I thought it was so funny when I talked to my Mom and all the Mich. colleges had snowdays, except good old UMich :)

    I love the nail polish, and I am obsessed with have zero unread messages in my inbox- even at work which can get crazy! BUT PS - why do you have so many drafts? haha