Sunday, January 30, 2011

Celebration Shopping

After the law school acceptance packet on Monday, I thought a little celebratory spending was in order.

Although my original intention for the trip to the mall was to return a few things for my mom, I ended up in a few stores, spending much more than anticipated.

My most exciting purchases:

Glee Nail Polish - Sephora by OPI

I am a GLEEK.  i love love this show, and although I recieved an email about some glee nail polish, I didn't actually look that much into it and therefore was completely shocked when I arrived at sephora to see this on the nail polish display.  I also recently became nail polish obsessed - I never painted my nails before last spring, but now I'm sad when they chip or are bare.  Although suzi skis just made its way onto my nails on thursday morning, I'll be doing one of these babies (either miss bossy pants, the rachel berry-esque pink or the gleek out lime) tonight.  don't worry, I'll post pics!
This mini-pack comes with 3 exclusive colors (the glittery topcoat - celebacy club, the navy blue - sue vs shue, and the coral - express yourself to yourself), and there are also four other colors to complete the collection - a pink, purple, glittery grey, and peacock green.  I didn't realize that I was missing 4 colors when buying the little one, so I might have to go back for more.  We'll see ;)

Reebok EasyTone Reeinspire

I'm always interested in things that claim to do this thing for your health or that thing for your health (see PowerBalance bracelets) (also if you really want to buy one of these, order it from amazon where they are WAY cheaper.  dont be dumb like me).  I always take their claims with a grain of salt, but I'm still always drawn in, just enough to justify the purchase if its something I want.  So now, see the EasyTones.  Luckily these are pretty cute for tennies, and a steal of a deal (1/2 off at von maur!), and I think that their weird circles will at least help with my balance, even if they fail to actually shape my buns.  and with the power balance band, I should be a yoga queen. 

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