Friday, January 21, 2011

Dry Hands Cures

I work in a Children's Hospital, and am constantly hand washing with harsh soap, purell-ing, and cleaning with nasty chemical cleaners.  So toss that in with some cold winter air, baseboard heating, and terrible water, and you've got a perfect combination for dry painful hands!

I've been especially careful with hand washing lately because one of the little ones I adore at work is severely immuno-compromised, but I'd still like to visit him.  So that means hand washing after being in public places, before eating, etc.

There are two products that are lifesavers for my little winter hands and they are as follows:

method moisturizing hand wash in cucumber and aloe (here)
i am certifiably method-obsessed.  they are always my go-to company for cleaning products
and although this soap does use sodium coco sulfate, a chem that some people have qualms
with, its one that i'm currently okay using.
This soap is super moisturizing, and its all that I use at home. 
Method products are also available at target, but maybe not this one.  I feel like I bought
it on clearance.


L'Occitane Shea Butter (here)
This is the best hand cream.  Super rich, natural, and perfect for my winter hands.  
I always buy the little bottle because it fits so nicely in my purse/bag, and its recommended shelf life is 6mos,
Sephora always has these in stock by the registers too if you'd rather buy in store.

So there you go, some natural ideas for keeping those dry hands at bay in the cold winter months.

Note: I am not a cool enough blogger to receive product samples, so I bought these babies with my own money.  :)  

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  1. There's another natural brand of hand soap I got at Target that I really like. It's just like Method (literally next to it on the shelf). I'm blanking on the name! Ack, well look for it. I got the citrus sent and I really like it! It's not drying at all.