Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I've learned 1

Things I've learned...

 - asking your boyfriend if they have dual flush toilets in the engineering buildings is a silly question

 -the best way to get into law school is to submit your  letter of continued interest.  your acceptance packet will have been mailed 2 days before.

-sometimes working on the cancer floor of a children's hospital takes its emotional toll

-gorilla pose is incredible
-donate your baby's cord blood.  the chance that someone with cancer will need it is greater than the chance your child will need it. 

-outback salmon + sweet potato is a pretty awesome celebratory dinner

-working out consistently is its own reward

-attempting to not get sick when your roommate is sick is tough work. 

-it is possible to have super delicious "dessert-like" foods.
plain greek yogurt, frozen organic wild blueberries, organic dark chocolate chips + a touch of honey


  1. That looks like an amazing dessert. I have one organic plain greek yogurt in the fridge and organic blueberries in the freezer just waiting for this.

  2. ooo I haven't tried gorilla pose yet! I may have to get on that.

    am I stupid for not even knowing that toilets like that existed? I want one.

  3. That dessert looks yummy!

    Gorilla pose is so wonderful. Everything melts away!