Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Goals

So here are the january goals.  Let's see if I can start 2011 off right!

1.  make time for physical activity 
physical activity four/seven days per week
I think this will be a little easier than I anticipate thanks to a yoga class on monday nights and free yoga t the lululemon store on friday ,mornings.  plus, my apartment complex has a fitness room with a treadmill and a tv.  i just need to motivate myself to walk across the street and do it.
2.  eat out less, cook more
eat out no more than 5 times per week
in the last week i ate out seven times.  and that is a total drain on my bank account and my health.  so five times it is.  which will force me to cook more.  perfect.

3.  be organized
keep up with assignments in the planner.  also keep tabs on what food is in the fridge and its expiration date.

I think this is very do-able.  And keeping track of what type of food I have, will help with #2 :)

4.  develop impeccable habits
90% face system adherence.  That means, of total 62 chances (2x's a day) to follow my skin system in January, I do 55.
 also, retainer wearing at night for 16 days 
Also very do-able.  except that I've already used one of my 7 misses for the month.  bummer.

5.  be clean
pick up room before bed every night + change pillow case twice a week
Room is clean.  Now I just have to keep it that way.

6.  do it now
finish all assignments at least 1 day ahead of time

7.  find time for me
read four books

Just started Water for Elephants and I have Still Alice and An Object of Beauty to read for book clubs :)


  1. We have some of the same goals! I really want to eat out less too. I've been planning 3 dinners a week but I upped it to four, and only one lunch out between Monday - Friday. Weekends are still kind of up for grabs! I just love the practice of eating out tooooo much.

  2. ohmigosh...eat out a MINIMUM of five times a week? does that include lunch? I think I eat lunch "out" (i.e. veggie sub from Subway or whatever) once or twice a week and we go out to dinner once a month at the MOST...my sister says we are weird because of this.

  3. @Stacy - its been so bad lately! I'm thinking I'm going to be one over this week thanks to cory's birthday this weekend. bummer.

    @Tara - yes, including lunch! but i'm so jealous of your dedication. i'm just a huge sucker for chipotle and panera, and i get lazy about making food for myself, haha!