Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I love Thursday - 1/27

Things I Love Thursday

 Acceptance packets from MICHIGAN LAW

Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees 
this is technically a charcoal grey, but in certain light its blue-ish, others its deep deep green, and i even get purple sometimes and i LOVE it
 (oh and thats me!  i dont think i've introduced my face to the blogging world yet, but there i am!  hi blogging world!)

apparently this cruciferous veg is in season?  whatever i love it.  esp dipped in humus or ranch.  
trader joe's has bags of it in organic form, already washed and cut.  LOVE IT.  

Pretty Little Liars
hello guilty pleasure.  i want to have ezra's babies, spencer's wardrobe, and creepy anonymous texts

  lululemon wunder unders
holy cow, most comfortable piece of clothing EVER.  i am so not a proponent of leggings as pants, but i will do anything to work these babies into my wardrobe.  i've worn them with dresses, under pants - i've even branched out into long-sweater + leggings wearing.  look at me, living on the edge.  they rock.  so worth the price tag.


  1. broccoli noms. super food noms. organic noms. trader joe's noms :)

  2. Broccoli! Yummmm!

    I love that nail polish colour!