Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crochet Motivation

I was on etsy the other day looking up narwhal things. because lets be honest, narwhals are pretty freaking cool animals. a lot of my love stems from mr. narwhal of elf fame, but I've always loved whales, and narwhals are some of the coolest (along with belugas, humpbacks, and porpoises). etsy is honestly the best for little animal crafts. 

And I came across this...

These two esty patterns are the motivation for me to become better at crocheting:



These crochet pattern are available from needleNoodles, on etsy here!
How adorable would they be on a keychain?

These little animal patterns along with the huge desire to make one of these:

pattern can be found here: hooks and knives

will hopefully be enough motivation to get crocheting to the point where I can handle the single-crochet!

Also this:

makes me wish I knew how to knit as well.
looooove cable knit
pattern here: winter knits kit

So hopefully I can get my act together, and find the time to make adorable craft-y things.


  1. I have challenged myself to learn how to knit and sew this year. I need to get on that!